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edgedb project upgrade

Upgrade EdgeDB instance used for the current project

edgedb project upgrade [options]

This command has two modes of operation.

  1. Upgrade instance to a version specified in edgedb.toml. This happens when the command is invoked without any explicit target version.

  2. Update edgedb.toml to a new version and upgrade the instance. Which happens when one of the options for providing the target version is used.

In all cases your data is preserved and converted using dump/restore mechanism. This might fail if lower version is specified (for example if upgrading from nightly to the stable version).

The edgedb project upgrade command is not intended for use with self-hosted instances.


Force upgrade process even if there is no new version.


Upgrade to a latest stable version.


Upgrade to a latest nightly version.


Upgrade to a specified major version.


The project directory can be specified explicitly. Defaults to the current directory.

-v, --verbose

Verbose output.