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edgedb branch merge

Merge a branch into the current branch.

edgedb branch merge [options] name

This CLI command requires CLI version 4.0 or later and EdgeDB version 5.0 or later. Earlier versions did not feature branches and instead featured databases. Databases offered no analog to merging. See the edgedb database command suite to manage databases.

Merges the target branch with the current branch using a fast-forward strategy, applying any new migrations from the target branch on the current branch.

This is a fast-forward merge, so no conflict resolution will be applied to the new migrations. If you want to merge but may have conflicts, you should first use edgedb branch rebase from the target branch before merging.

When merging, the data of the current branch is preserved. This means that if you switch to a branch main and run edgedb branch merge feature, you will end up with a branch with the schema from main and any new migrations from feature and the data from main.

The branch merge command runs in the EdgeDB instance it is connected to. For specifying the connection target see connection options.


The name of the branch to merge into the current branch.


Skip applying migrations generated from the merge