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edgedb ui

Open the EdgeDB UI of the current instance in your default browser.

edgedb ui [options]

edgedb ui is a terminal command used to open the EdgeDB UI in your default browser. Alternatively, it can be used to print the UI URL with the --print-url option.

The EdgeDB UI is a tool that allows you to graphically manage and query your EdgeDB databases. It contains a REPL, a textual and graphical view of your database schemas, and a data explorer which allows for viewing your data as a table.

The UI is served by default by development instances. To enable the UI on a production instance, use the --admin-ui option with edgedb-server or set the EDGEDB_SERVER_ADMIN_UI environment variable to enabled.

The ui command runs on the database it is connected to. For specifying the connection target see connection options.


Print URL in console instead of opening in the browser. This is useful if you prefer to open the EdgeDB UI in a browser other than your default browser.


Skip probing the UI endpoint of the server instance. The endpoint probe is in place to provide a friendly error if you try to connect to a UI on a remote instance that does not have the UI enabled.