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edgedb branch switch

Change the currently active branch

edgedb branch switch [options] name

This CLI command requires CLI version 4.0 or later and EdgeDB version 5.0 or later. Earlier versions did not feature branches and instead featured databases.

Databases offered no direct analog to switching.

  • To run a single command on a different database, use the -d <dbname> or --database=<dbname> options described in Connection flags

  • To change the database for all commands, set the EDGEDB_DATABASE environment variable described in Connection flags

  • To change the database for all commands in a project, you may update the credentials.json file’s database value. To find that file for your project, run edgedb info to get the config path and navigate to /<config-path>/credentials.

  • You may use \connect <dbname> or \c <dbname> to change the connected database while in a REPL session.

See the edgedb database command suite for other database management commands.

The branch switch command runs in the EdgeDB instance it is connected to. For specifying the connection target see connection options.


The name of the new branch.

-c, --create

Create the branch if it doesn’t exist.

-e, --empty

If creating a new branch: create the branch with no schema or data.

--from FROM

If creating a new branch: the optional base branch to create the new branch from.


If creating a new branch: copy data from the base branch to the new branch.