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edgedb restore

Restore an EdgeDB branch (or database pre-v5) from a backup file.

edgedb restore [options] path

edgedb restore is a terminal command used to restore an EdgeDB database branch (or database pre-v5) from a backup file. The backup is restored to the currently active branch (or to the currently connected database pre-v5).

The backup cannot be restored to a branch (or database pre-v5) with any existing schema. As a result, you should restore to one of these targets:

  • a new empty branch which can be created using edgedb branch create with the --empty option

  • a new empty database if your instance is running EdgeDB versions prior to 5

  • an existing branch or database that has been wiped with the appropriate wipe command (either edgedb branch wipe or edgedb database wipe; note that this will destroy all data and schema currently in that branch/database)

The restore command restores the backup file into the active branch or, in pre-v5 instance, the currently connected database. For specifying the connection target see connection options.


The name of the backup file to restore the database branch from.


Restore all branches (or databases pre-v5) and the server configuration using the directory specified by the path.

-v, --verbose

Verbose output.