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edgedb migration extract

Extract migration history from the database and write it to /dbschema/migrations. Useful when a direct DDL command has been used to change the schema and now edgedb migrate will not comply because the database migration history is ahead of the migration history inside /dbschema/migrations.

This can also be useful if the migrations on the file system have been lost or deleted.

The migration extract command runs on the database it is connected to. For specifying the connection target see connection options.

--tls-server-name TLS_SERVER_NAME

Override server name used for TLS connections and certificate verification.

Useful when the server hostname cannot be used as it does not resolve, or resolves to a wrong IP address, and a different name or IP address is used in --host.


Don’t ask questions, only add missing files, abort if mismatching


Force overwrite existing migration files


Directory where the schema files are located. Defaults to ./dbschema.