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edgedb cloud

These CLI commands require CLI version 3.0 or later.

In addition to managing your own local and remote instances, the EdgeDB CLI offers tools to manage your instances running on our EdgeDB Cloud.

edgedb cloud login

Authenticate to the EdgeDB Cloud and remember the access token locally

edgedb cloud logout

Forget the stored access token

edgedb cloud secretkey

Manage your secret keys

CI users and scripters

The edgedb cloud login and edgedb cloud logout commands are not intended for use in scripting and CI. Instead, you should generate a secret key in the EdgeDB Cloud UI or by running edgedb cloud secretkey create and set the EDGEDB_SECRET_KEY environment variable to your secret key. Once this variable is set to your secret key, logging in and out are no longer required.

Follow our EdgeDB Cloud guide for information on how to use EdgeDB Cloud.