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edgedb cloud secretkey create

This CLI command requires CLI version 3.0 or later.

Create a new secret key

edgedb cloud secretkey create [options]

This command works only if you have already authenticated using edgedb cloud login.


Output results as JSON

-n, --name name

Friendly key name

--description description

Long key description

--expires <duration | "never">

Key expiration, in duration units, for example “1 hour 30 minutes”. If set to “never”, the key would not expire.

--scopes scopes

Comma-separated list of key scopes. Mutually exclusive with --inherit-scopes.


Inherit key scopes from the currently used key. Mutually exclusive with --scopes.

-y, --non-interactive

Do not ask questions, assume default answers to all inputs that have a default. Requires key TTL and scopes to be explicitly specified via --ttl or --no-expiration, and --scopes or --inherit-scopes.