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edgedb info

Display information about the EdgeDB installation. Currently this command displays the filesystem paths used by EdgeDB.

edgedb info [options]

EdgeDB uses several directories, each storing different kinds of information. The exact path to these directories is determined by your operating system. Throughout the documentation, these paths are referred to as “EdgeDB config directory”, “EdgeDB data directory”, etc.

  • Config: contains auto-generated credentials for all local instances and project metadata.

  • Data: contains the contents of all local EdgeDB instances.

  • CLI Binary: contains the CLI binary, if installed.

  • Service: the home for running processes/daemons.

  • Cache: a catchall for logs and various caches.

--get path-name

Return only a single path. <path-name> can be any of config-dir, cache-dir, data-dir, or service-dir.