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edgedb migration upgrade-check

Checks your schema against a different EdgeDB version.

edgedb migration upgrade-check [options]

The upgrade check is performed automatically when you perform an upgrade.

By default, upgrade-check checks your schema against the latest stable release of EdgeDB. You can add --to-version <version>, --to-testing, --to-nightly, or --to-channel <channel> to check against a specific version.

The migration upgrade-check command runs on the database it is connected to. For specifying the connection target see connection options.


Directory where the schema files are located. Defaults to ./dbschema.

--to-version to_version

Check the upgrade to a specified version


Check the upgrade to a latest nightly version


Check the upgrade to a latest testing version

--to-channel to_channel

Check the upgrade to the latest version in the channel [possible values: stable, testing, nightly]


Monitor schema changes and check again on change