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The edgedb.toml file is created in the project root after running edgedb project init. If this file is present in a directory, it signals to the CLI and client bindings that the directory is an instance-linked EdgeDB project. It supports two configuration settings across two tables:

If you’re not familiar with the TOML file format, it’s a very cool, minimal language for config files designed to be simpler than JSON or YAML. Check out the TOML documentation.

  • server-version- The server version of the EdgeDB project.

    The version specification is assumed to be a minimum version, but the CLI will not upgrade to subsequent major versions. This means if the version specified is 3.1 and versions 3.2 and 3.3 are available, 3.3 will be installed, even if version 4.0 is also available.

    To specify an exact version, prepend with = like this: =3.1. We support all of the same version specifications as Cargo, Rust’s package manager.

  • schema-directory- The directory where schema files will be stored. Defaults to dbschema.

server-version = "3.1"

schema-dir = "db/schema"