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EdgeQL Codegen Library

This library provides a build_runner builder: edgeqlCodegenBuilder, for generating fully typed query methods from .edgeql files.

For each .edgeql file in your project, this builder generates a corresponding .edgeql.dart file containing:

  • An extension for the Executor class, which adds a method to run the query in the .edgeql file and return a fully typed result. This method is named from the filename of the .edgeql file. If query parameters are used, these will be reflected in the generated method, either as named arguments for named query parameters, or positional arguments for positional query parameters.

  • Classes for each shape in the query return, where each field of the shape will be reflected to a instance variable of the same name, and of the correct type. (Note: When selecting link properties, the @ prefix of the property name, will be replaced with a $ prefix in the generated class, due to @ not being valid in Dart variable names). Objects of these classes will be returned in the query result, instead of the Map<String, dynamic> type returned by the normal execute() and query*() methods.

  • Similarly, classes will be generated for any tuple and named tuple types in the query. In the case of unnamed tuples, the instance variable names will be in the form $n, where n is the tuple element index. All other types will be decoded the same as for the execute() and query*() methods. (See the Client docs for details)

To use edgeql_codegen, first add build_runner as a (dev) dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

dart pub add build_runner -d

Then just run build_runner as documented in the `build_runner docs <>`__:

dart run build_runner build
# or
dart run build_runner watch
# getUserByName.edgeql

select User {
} filter .name = <str>$0
import 'package:edgedb/edgedb.dart';
import 'getUserByName.edgeql.dart';

// ...

final user = await client.getUserByName('exampleuser');

print(user?.email); // `email` has `String` type

See the ‘example’ directory for more examples using edgeql_codegen.