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Dart client library for EdgeDB

This is the official EdgeDB client library for Dart.

If you’re just getting started with EdgeDB, we recommend going through the EdgeDB Quickstart first. This walks you through the process of installing EdgeDB, creating a simple schema, and writing some simple queries.

Only EdgeDB version >=2.0 is supported by this library.

Add edgedb to the dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file:

dart pub add edgedb

This package contains both the core edgedb library, which exports all the API’s needed to connect to an EdgeDB server and run queries, along with the edgeql-codegen library, which provides a builder for Dart’s build_runner to generate fully typed query methods from .edgeql files.

First you’ll need to have EdgeDB installed, and to have created an instance for your project; we recommend the Quickstart guide for a overview on how to do this.

Then import the edgedb library, and create a new client with createClient().

import 'package:edgedb/edgedb.dart';

final client = createClient();

In most cases createClient() needs no arguments; the library will determine how to connect to your instance automatically if you’re either: using an EdgeDB project, as recommended for development, or providing connection options via environment variables, as recommended for production use. For more advanced use cases refer to the createClient() api docs, for the full list of connection options you can provide.

Now you’re ready to start making queries:

void main() async {
  final movie = await client.querySingle(r'''
    select Movie {
      actors: {
    } filter .title = <str>$title
  ''', {
    'title': 'Spider-man'


The Client class provides a range of methods to run queries, with options return the results as JSON, and enforce result cardinality. All query methods have the ability to recover from temporary errors (like network interruptions) when it is safe to do so. Client also has API’s for easily working with transactions, setting globals for your queries, and configuring other client behaviour. See the API documentation for the full details.

The basic query methods on Client return results typed as dynamic, and only have runtime checks on the types of query parameters passed to them. For fully type safe querying, this package provides a build_runner builder in the edgeql_codegen library. This builder takes any .edgeql files in your project and generates extension methods on the Client class, which return fully typed results, and take correctly typed query arguments.

To use edgeql_codegen, first add the build_runner dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

dart pub add build_runner

Out of the box, the edgeql_codegen builder will generate .edgeql.dart files containing the typed query methods alongside all .edgeql files for the default build_runner target, so you can just run the build or watch commands without any configuration needed:

dart run build_runner build
# or
dart run build_runner watch

For an example using edgeql_codegen, check out the example directory. Full details on how generated types are converted from edgeql queries, see the edgeql_codegen library api docs.

To customise the build, create a build.yaml in your project root, and follow the build_config docs. If you customise the sources configuration, be sure to exclude the .edgeql files in your dbschema/migrations directory.