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reset – reset one or multiple session-level parameters

reset module ;
reset alias alias ;
reset alias * ;
reset global name ;

This command allows resetting one or many configuration parameters of the current session.

reset module

Reset the default module name back to “default” for the current session.

For example, if a module foo contains type FooType, the following is how the set and reset commands can be used to alias it:

# Set the default module to "foo" for the current session.
set module foo;

# This query is now equivalent to "select foo::FooType".
select FooType;

# Reset the default module for the current session.
reset module;

# This query will now produce an error.
select FooType;
reset alias alias

Reset alias for the current session.

For example:

# Alias the "std" module as "foo".
set alias foo as module std;

# Now "std::min()" can be called as "foo::min()" in
# the current session.
select foo::min({1});

# Reset the alias.
reset alias foo;

# Now this query will error out, as there is no
# module "foo".
select foo::min({1});
reset alias *

Reset all aliases defined in the current session. This command affects aliases set with set alias and set module. The default module will be set to “default”.


# Reset all custom aliases for the current session.
reset alias *;
reset global name

Reset the global variable name to its default value or {} if the variable has no default value and is optional.

reset module;

reset alias foo;

reset alias *;

reset global current_user_id;