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Cheatsheets: EdgeDB by example

Just getting started? Keep an eye on this collection of cheatsheets with handy examples for what you’ll need to get started with EdgeDB. After familiarizing yourself with them, feel free to dive into more EdgeDB via our longer interactive tutorial and much longer Easy EdgeDB textbook.

  • select – Retrieve or compute a set of values.

  • insert – Create new database objects.

  • update – Update database objects.

  • delete – Remove objects from the database.

  • GraphQL – GraphQL queries supported natively out of the box.

  • Booleans – Boolean expressions can be tricky sometimes, so here are a handful of tips and gotchas.

  • Object Types – Make your own object and abstract types on top of existing system types.

  • User Defined Functions – Write and overload your own strongly typed functions.

  • Expression Aliases – Use aliases to create new types and modify existing ones on the fly.

  • Schema Annotations – Add human readable descriptions to items in your schema.

  • Link Properties – Links can contain properties used to store metadata about the link.

  • CLI Usage – Getting your database started.

  • Interactive Shell – Shortcuts for frequently used commands in the EdgeDB Interactive Shell.

  • Administration – Branch and role creation, passwords, port configuration, etc.